We believe in finding the right people and looking after them is key to success and the longevity of any organisation.

Our companies would not be possible without the people around us, we just come up with the ideas and hand them over to the guys who make things happen…

Micro managing is not our style, we help and support throughout and encourage our team to seek help when they need it. We have clear goals we want to achieve for each company and any projects we take on. Working with our team and clients we usually crack it first time round but not always… that’s the fun part!

New projects, ideas and opportunities come our way all of the time and our portfolio will grow but we need the right people to deliver them. Our recruitment and retention is excellent and we encourage our team to up skill whenever there is a need or opportunity. If they come to us with a piece of paper proving they have the knowledge and expertise through something they have studied for and they ask for more money, they are perfectly entitled and who are we to argue? We will support any educational activity and even pay for it (ask Emma, our Digital Marketing Manager who’s studying her Masters in Digital Marketing!).

We are passionate about giving young people an opportunity and have embraced the Apprenticeship scheme and we have some real superstars for the future, actually the now!

Essentially, we enjoy what we do and we couldn’t do it without our guys and thank them for helping us to grow and grow, we appreciate you all!

Thanks for reading!

Chris & Michelle